Our planet’s future may be packed into a Biodegradable Bag

Environmental and economic facts about plastic bags

The way that plastic bags influence our life vividly demonstrates the overall consumption crisis in the world. For example, an average American family brings home at least 1500 plastic bags a year. 95% of them end up in landfills right after the purchase. Simultaneously, the overall consumption of plastic bags in America requires more than 12 million oil barrels to manufacture.

What is a biodegradable package, and how is it different from ordinary plastic?

The main distinctive feature of biodegradable bags is that they can decompose naturally. Unlike a standard plastic bag, which will take over 200 years to decompose, a biodegradable bag will break down like any organic material thanks to natural microorganisms’ effort.

How are biodegradable bags made?

The design and structure of compostable packaging foresee that it behaves entirely like any organic material. Durable and versatile enough for various purposes — from commercial packaging to garbage bags, biodegradable plastics decompose naturally once exposed to UV lights, bacteria, wind, or water abrasion for a certain period.

Saving energy — saving lives:

Except for lots of chemicals and oil, the manufacture of traditional plastic bags requires lots of energy and production capacities. It inevitably leads to less obvious but still significant types of pollutions. Noise and light pollutions force animals to migrate or confuse them, destroying their natural lifespan.

Same production, less waste:

Not only do biodegradable bags require fewer resources for manufacture, but they also cause significantly less waste.

The economic benefit of the manufacture and use of Biodegradable bags:

With all its benefits, the manufacture of compostable packaging has one significant downside. The production of such materials still requires considerable investment from the beginning. There are several objective reasons for those costs:



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